You know that person who can never shut up about themselves and their accomplishments? We all know at least one. That isn't me. I have a difficult time talking about myself. So I hope you will forgive if this "about me" page is brief.

My name is Clint Perry, aka: CS Perry. My wife and I live on the Central Oregon Coast. Not actually on the coast but a mile inland. We are close enough to hear the ocean whenever we open the windows.

I have been writing off and on for most of my adult life and published numerous poems some twenty years ago. My focus is now on prose, mostly fiction and more often than not, sci-fi and fantasy.

One never really stops learning about writting; it is a lifetime endeavor. I am a member of the Willamette Writers and two smaller unnamed writer critique groups. I attend writing workshops when they are near enough and join writing classes near by. To date, I have written dozens of short stories, but have not shared any except with friends and my writer's group. To date, I've completed two novels and have a one nearly complete. They lack editing and once that is done its time to seek out a publisher.

If the above isn't enough, Photography has become a passion as well. Here you can find a few pictures. This passion goes well with my wife's desire to travel and experience life. (That's her at the Bubble Gathering)