Just Do It


    Is it just me, or does it seem time has sped up in its passing?  As I age, it seems all the little procrastinations that make up my writing life (indeed all my life) seem to add up too quickly for me to ever catch up with them.  I know that the answer to this phenomenon is clearly stated in the old Nike commercial, “Just do it.”  I think that is a great attitude for anyone but a writer especially.  If one wants to get their work published, they must take the steps to get there.  Waiting for whatever magical moment to happen, wishing we had started much earlier all add up to one thing – procrastination – not doing what we profess to want to do, in essence a waste of time and energy. 

     Whether it is daily writing, editing, presentation to a writers group and critiques that follow, or rewriting, study of the craft, any of these activities may be set aside in favor of something more immediately gratifying, but there is a price to pay.  Time waits for no one.  We can use our time efficiently or we can waste what we have in front of us, but we cannot exert direct control over it.  An editor who doesn’t see your work can’t buy it.  If you haven’t written it, then obviously you can’t send it in.

     The point is – use your time doing what you love.  If your passion is writing, then write and indulge in all the other stuff that comes along with it.  Plan your day and follow the plan.  Cutting corners in writing generally is not a time saver.  At some point, probably during the edit or rewrite, you will find yourself having to do the work you avoided in the beginning.  Only now, the work will be harder because you no longer have the spark that pushed the work originally.

     There is nothing quite so enriching as seeing your work presented in a publication that you did not originate.  Yet, to get there one must do the work.  One must commit to the time and effort to do that work. 

     You profess to be a writer?  Then get on with it!

Challenge 2:

     Speaking of writing, I have another challenge:



     The creature in the photo above is an alien to this world (Use your imagination).  You or your character encountered it on a walk in the woods.  In an attempt to communicate with you or your character, the realization comes that the creature is intelligent, maybe much more so than the people of your world.  By the way, do not assume it is alone.  Looks can be deceiving.  Your challenge this week is to tell me about the encounter.  (Remember emotions and senses are a huge part of life, make them part of your writing.)