Staying Focused

      Staying focused on a task that requires concentration can be difficult when one finds themselves pushed, pulled, and prodded by life.  Yet, to accomplish anything we must still find self-discipline enough to maintain that focus because life always finds a way to interfere – or so it seems.  Sometimes I begin to feel like a pretzel with all the twisting and turning I have to do to reach my goals. 

     How does one juggle the many facets of life around a writing career?  It’s different for everyone, finding a daily timeframe for writing is important.  Sitting down to do that daily exercise of fingers on keyboard, squeezing every small piece of material from the “little grey cells,” is a must.  I generally choose the time of four to seven in the morning.  This works well as there are few distractions.  These are my golden hours – when I am most productive.  Even when I am involved in other activities of life, this time isn’t normally affected.

     Yet even with the best plan, with the best intents, and with the best self-discipline, things happen in life and we sometimes fail to reach the level of perfection we seek to achieve.  There is nothing for, it, we must pick up where we were and continue.  Such is the failure I experienced this week in not having this post up yesterday morning as planned.


Challenge 8:

     For Tina Thomas, a single mom, life is hectic.  She works two jobs while trying to raise two boys.  Fortunately, her mother is helping with the boys while, though tends to be resentful about how much time Tina is away from them.  Tina met a man named Bruce Finnegan a few months back and would like nothing more than to get deeper involved with him.  However, Bruce clearly states he doesn’t want anything to do with kids.  In fact, Tina hasn’t told him about them yet.  She loves her boys, she also loves Bruce and he says he loves her.  Your challenge is to show us how she balances these conflicting issues.