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Today, I feel like a living fossil. I have spent the past month and more preparing and hand coding my web page. I am actually quite happy with the way it looks. Then along comes a buddy and after he got over the shock that I had hand coded the page, says, “Hey, take a look at this.”

What he showed me was WordPress. Okay, I already knew about the program. I had heard of it as an add-on for web pages (for a monthly fee) that allowed me to blog (write articles), and that was the extent of it. Well, I can code well enough to do that on my own, Why spend the money? Boy was I wrong.

I started playing with the controls, I built a web page, (for the fun of it) and after my initial shock over the versatility of the program, I started seriously looking to replace what I had handcrafted. There is a bit of a learning curve but, worth the effort. Don’t get me wrong. I very much like the site I hand built. But to add photos, to add a post, to change anything requires me to go in and recode, test, fix what I broke, and test again. Sometimes what one would think to be a fairly simple task can take hours or even days. With WordPress, I can add photos in a matter of minutes. I can even put some protection on them (watermarks) with the click of a button. Adding posts, or adding pages, is as simple as clicking a few tabs and publishing.

One might think that this is going to increase my operational costs. Two things about that:

  1. That same friend, who introduced me to WordPress, helped me set up a program on my computer, (Bitnami) that allows me to run WordPress in my home environment. Meaning there is no live testing and running a risk of disrupting or even breaking the website or disturbing some visitor’s viewing pleasure. Oh, and because Word Press is an open source program, there is no cost to download and use it. (Warning here, most hosting companies will charge a premium for you to put WordPress on their servers. WordPress.com will do so as well.) The backdoor solution is the free, fully functional version available at WordPress.org. Now, if one downloads Bitnami with WordPress stacks, WordPress is part of the program download.
  2. Because there are places that will host websites for free so long as the data usage stays below a certain level, there is no cost to host the website. (Even when one surpasses the minimum threshold, the cost is so low as to be the price of a soda or two. I can afford that.

Because of the ease of use and management, I will be switching over to WordPress shortly. Oh, did I mention that I can add a fully functioning commerce site into the webpage at no additional cost? Hey, some of that product I have sitting gathering dust in a closet might just find its way onto some back pages of the website in the future. The biggest reason I will make this switch? It will give me more time to spend my creative juices on creating stories instead of grueling web work. That alone makes a switch worthwhile.

Oh, and for those who like stats, it seems that over 25% of websites – GLOBALLY! – have been designed and are run from WordPress. To me, that’s an impressive number.


Everything looks stable for the website now. I have added a second website: MageFoctin.com. Here you will find a teaser for Prince’s Stone. A story that I am in the final stages of editing and presenting for publication. I see that I still need a security certificate for the site and email has yet to be installed, these are goals for later this week or maybe next week.

I am going in for a pre-op appointment today. On October 22, I go in for surgery on my shoulder. Not sure what will happen after that as my right arm will be rendered unusable for at least a few weeks. Right now the thought is minor work, cleaning up the bursa in the shoulder, trim some torn muscle and a quick look at the rotator cuff. (If there is damage there, recovery time will extend out for a year.) I have put this surgery off because I did not want it interfering with my summer. Now it may get in the way of my time visiting family in Sacramento. I pray I do not regret the choice to delay.

On a fun note:

I just finished reading Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn. Okay, so it is an old book (copyright 2002), but the storytelling makes it a worthwhile read. Great characters, conflict, and moving action! The love story of Takeo and Kaede seems a bit contrived, I suppose I am not a believer in love at first sight, but then I did not live in the age that the story depicts, Feudal Japan. Even through betrayal and against impossible odds, Takeo’s path leads him to great heights. His choice at the end is tough, but under the circumstances, reasonable. I believe I would hold little more than contempt for the masters who forced me onto that path. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next book.

09 27 2018

After finding a few potholes with the old hosting site, CSPerry.org is finally live and operating. I know I said that a few days back, but the transfer of the domain from the former host to the new one took a bit more work than it should have. A few days and half a dozen emails, and finally things are working again.

I have also launched an account on Facebook, something I swore I would never do again. But the old saying is as valid as always, “never say never.” Look me up if you like. You can find me under Mage.Foctin. You can learn a little about me there and some of my likes and dislikes, beyond what I list here on this site.

Coming in the next couple of weeks, another website: MageFoctin.com. I already own the domain name, and since I am pushing to move one of my novels PRINCE’S STONE from the editing pile to the submission (meaning presenting it to possible publishers and or agents) pile. It's essential to build a ‘platform' (a fandom, a following, a place for people to connect with me and my stories). I am hopeful this newly revamped site, csperry.org, and the soon to appear site, magefoctin.com will help me along that path.

As for where I am on the editing of Prince's Stone, I'm about halfway through 400 pages of text and bogged down. May have to go from the beginning … again … sigh. That's the life of a writer.

Then, I get to start on the second novel in that series, Baskin’s Story, already written and waiting in that editing pile too. There is a third in this series that has not reached the editing pile. It is very disorganized and gathering dust for now.

In the meantime, what exactly am I doing to create new stuff? I have a new novel, possible a series in the works. The working name is Plots though that may change a time or two by the time I reach an ending. If I can judge by my writing groups response , (they have seen the first twelve chapters), it will be well received. But even this is on the back burner for the moment because of the renewed effort to get PRINCE’S STONE to the next stage.