CS Perry

     You know that person who can never shut up about themselves and their accomplishments?  We all know at least one. I am not one of those.  I have a difficult time talking about myself. So I hope you will forgive if this “about me” page is brief.

     My name is Clint Perry, I write under the name CS Perry. My wife and I live on the Central Oregon Coast. Not actually on the coast but a mile inland. We can hear the ocean whenever we open the windows.
     I’ve been writing off and on for over thirty years and published numerous poems some twenty years ago.  I focus now on prose, mostly fiction and more often than not, sci-fi and fantasy.

     I’m still learning the craft of writing, and I accept that this is a lifetime endeavor. I am a member of the Willamette Writers on the Coast and a smaller unnamed writer’s critique group. I attend writing workshops when they are near enough to our location and writing classes when I can find them.
     To date, I’ve written dozens of stories, but have not shared any except with friends and my writer's group. That changes this year as I will publish on Kindle starting in January.  My goal is to publish at least six stories in 2017, one every two months.