Depression over Election


     Has anyone else found themselves suffering depression, anxiety or anger after our recent election? I know, I know, my side lost, get over it, move on with life.  I swear that is what I am trying to do.  A friend mentioned that she and her husband came to the understanding they had to settle in and focus on working on what they could control.  That’s great advice.

     It has been a struggle, but I think I am finally ready to move on. I still feel anxiety about what is coming.  It seems that every day there is something new that upsets my sense of certainty, balance and comfort.  I have concerns about the buddy – buddy relationship that appears present between our incoming president and Putin.  But over all I will give Trump a chance.

     Personally, I find the man reprehensible. I see him as morally corrupt. I fear that he may make a move to turn our democracy into a totalitarian regime similar to Russia’s. I fear he may push race relations in the U.S. back fifty years, if not all the way into a race war within our borders.

     Trump will be president.  What that means remains to be seen.  In some ways, he appears to be playing within the rules.  In others, he seems determined to challenge the boundaries of what he can and cannot do. Today I read an article about his plan to keep his own private security force about him. That seems odd to me.  I suppose he has been working with them for a long time and trusts them with his life. Yet, that is the job of the Secret Service, a globally recognized police organization that is the best of the best the U.S. has to offer.

     A private security force made up of cronies and bootlicks sounds more like a private army to protect him from the people who Congress authorizes to protect the president.  Why would that even be necessary? A private security force does not have legal standing to do what the Secret Service does. Is this another layer of protection to make our egotistical narcissist President-Elect feel safer?

     Well, the truth is I can make comments. I cannot change what has happened. I commend Obama for a job well done in the face of a hostile Congress, and for his attempts to thwart the incoming administration’s plans. Not that I feel these last ditched efforts will pan out to much of a true road block. I suspect that Trump will bulldoze his way through what he doesn’t like and let the courts deal with legalities.  Kinda like how he ran his businesses.

      Life goes on. I will continue to write. I will continue to create. I’ll give Trump a chance.  Amazingly we survived the younger George Bush, we will survive Trump too. And maybe when the people who voted for him realize they were misled by a man who doesn’t understand honesty, they will use their vote in 2020 to replace him. One can still dream, right?