Irony                                                           03 05 2017

            Trump’s office is trying to determine the cost of laying off employees. This seems exceedingly odd in light of his campaign promises to bring in jobs. Do the people he intends to cut loose have any less right to gainful employment than those factory workers he thinks to put back to work? Who are these government workers destined for the unemployment lines?

            Rolling back legislation on clean air, especially on California’s right to impose stricter standards due to their unique topography will bring interesting results to those downwind of some of the worst smog basins in our country. Putting aside any doubts concerning global warming, there is no question about the existence of brown clouds that hang in the Los Angeles and Sacramento valleys even with the strong tailpipe emissions laws. All you have to do is visit: your own eyes can see and feel it, and your mouth can taste it. Removal of the restrictions will bring unpleasant results for those who live downwind of these metropolitan areas.   

            Elimination of Sea Grant is another WTF moment. This group works to help educate our children and to engender a love of science and mathematics. My wife and I along with dozens of others volunteer for this organization because we believe in their mission. Come to the Hatfield Science Museum in Newport Oregon. See what we are about. Sea Grant is responsible for what is on display there. They do not even charge an admission fee but operates on donations and grants from the US government. Why would our President remove this?

            Trump wants to build up our military. Great! Maybe that’s how he intends to create more jobs. The thing is, if we start throwing money at the armed forces, those who oppose us will as well. They will have no choice. They too feel the need for security. We have seen this become a vicious cycle of spending with little positive in the outcome.