Not My President's Day                                             02-24-2017

            Okay, this brought me a laugh, but I have to say denial does not help.  While I understand the sentiment and share in the disgust with our new President, denying that he is our President doesn’t improve the situation.  Acceptance that the election is over and, sigh, he won, is the only way to move forward.  Dwelling in the past, wishful thinking, and hoping for improvement are ways to allow Trump to prosper, by keeping our focus away from his actions. Moving forward is the only path open.

            Moving forward does not mean going along with what the man says or suggests. Moving forward means standing firm in front of the colossus he thinks to use against those of us who dare to disagree. Moving forward is making our voices heard.  Moving forward is demanding honest, transparent, open government.

            Trump’s desire to rule this country through fear mongering does not bode well for his intents for our future.  The younger Bush used this tactic, and many of our freedoms were swept under the carpet.  To his shame, Obama failed to reinstate those freedoms, and now Trump seeks to expand them.  I wonder if Trump will reinstate the terror danger color code that used to grace our television ten years ago. I saw today Trump is saying we are about to go into the biggest military buildup in our nation’s history. Why?  What do you intend Mr. Trump?  Is there a super power treat? Is this a way to put more funds into your own pocket?

            We’ve seen Trump’s attempt to stop immigration, we hear all the rhetoric about “the wall” Mexico will pay for. Some may say this is simply Trump following through on campaign promises.  A reminder for those of you with short memories so prevalent in politics, he also pledged to leave the marijuana laws alone, and now his spokesman is saying the DOJ intends to renege on that promise.  Conservatives like to speak about state’s rights or at least they do when they oppose what the federal government does.  Will Trump and the conservatives show their double standards and insist that states don’t have the right to act against federal laws?

           Trump threatens states with the withdrawal of federal funding if they fail to support his immigration demands.  (States like California would be better off.  Should he follow through with that threat and California act in kind, withholding payments to the Fed? If so California comes out for the better financially.)  Will Trump send Federal Agents into states with legal recreational pot laws to destroy the industry that is bringing down the black market trade?  What would this gain the Federal Government?  Maybe Trump noticed that most of the states that legalized pot are also ones who did not support him so well in the election, could this be retaliation?
           Trump likes keeping everyone off balance.  It is the way he ran his business. Unfortunately, he also seems unable or unwilling to accept personal responsibility for his actions.  This is evidenced by his rapid jumps into the blame game when things don’t go his way, pointing a finger at the press, or judges who disagree with him, at women who dare accuse him of crossing the line of decency, and at states who would continue to offer sanctuary to undocumented workers.  None of this is making him more popular. 

          That is counter to what he wants, I wonder if he understands that.  He seems to revel in the limelight.  He is happiest in front of cheering crowds.  Yet his actions are turning more and more people against him. His actions are creating more division in this country.  From this writer's point of view, it is just more and more chaos when what this country desperately needs is leadership.

            Mr. President, leadership doesn’t consist of bullying and making threats and automatically having your way with all things.  Leadership is made up of encouragement and nurturing of relationships, of empowering others to do the work that needs to be done.  Surrounding yourself with yes men and boot lickers is not the best way to lead this country.  Nor does it take you one step further from ultimate responsibility for your actions.  As President, you are ultimately responsible for both yours and your cabinet’s actions.  Your attempts to assign blame elsewhere is ridiculous, and the majority of the citizens of this country see it for what it is:  More smoke and mirrors.  

          You are our President, but we don't have to like or support you.