Rocks in the Road                                                                02-03-2017

     If isn’t one thing it’s another. When I want to drive fast inevitably, I find myself staring at the rear end of an oversized, underpowered, gas guzzling RV struggling to climb the shallow incline ahead of us. Said monstrosity is driven by a sight-seeing “Q” tipped prune who cannot be bothered by the vehicles behind. Or maybe it’s the beat-up pickup truck commanded by a local boy who loves the rush of ‘power over others’ when he leads a line of twenty cars at ten miles under the speed limit along  the busy two-lane highway.

     Women’s rights, LBGT rights, environmental protection, and green energy have been slowly making headway in our country over the wishes of deniers, bigots, and womanizers. WHAM! A yellow-haired, billionaire, narcissistic boulder landed shaking the earth to its core. With him comes uncertainty, controversy, fear, and something this writer calls wishful thinking and downright lies, the impediment calls  it “alternate facts.”

     Working a nine to five, two years from retirement and guaranteed pension; the bottom falls out. Overnight the company folds up and blows away. Fifteen hundred hungry mouths and their families find themselves short a couple of paychecks, minus the “guaranteed retirement funds,” and few prospects of landing new jobs. While the upper management, sun themselves on their private beach in a gated community near Georgetown, on the island of Grand Cayman.

     Driving the loneliest highway in America across western Colorado, the driver rounds a sharp bend, ignores the “SLOW” sign that popped up a few moments ago, and runs smack dab into twenty ton chunk of granite formed in another age, dislodged by an earthquake set off by fracking, landing here ten minutes past. The family is shaken but okay. They climbed out of the wreck to survey the extent of the damage: their van totaled, never going anywhere under its own power again. Yet, they discover they have been lucky. Squished out on the opposite side  from thier van  and beneath the giant rock, lies a flat green lump of metal. It used to be the front end of the car that remains mostly  hidden underneath.

     Rocks in the road can bring traumatic, life changing moments to our worlds. They can bring forth an abrupt halt in ‘progress.’ Whether created by geologic, political, economic, or other processes, these rocks serve as striking reminders: our belief of having control of our lives is illusory. At best we live in the grace and the whim of events, decisions, processes, and choices of people well beyond our station in life; all beyond the reaches of our spheres of influence.

     An old adage that was once popular: “The only guarantees in life are death and taxes,” holds particularly true today. Keep this in mind as we stumble through the next four years beneath the dark clouds of the tempest who sincerely believes he knows best how to “fix” the world.

     This writer wonders if our new leader will be playing a tune on a Stradivarius as he watches what was, burn, outside his White House window. Or maybe he will dance with his imported supermodel of a wife, eating cake and toasting his alternative facts.
     Be prepared for the rebuild of whatever is left when the boulder is finally shoved aside to rest in an environment where he can rant and tweet in relative safety deep in his tower. It is true that cleaning the aftermath of most storms takes a team effort. This storm appears, from this writer’s vantage point, to be a particularly nasty one. 
     One can only hope that those who helped bring about this storm, are satisfied with what they see when that boulder rolls over their favorite cherished vista.