Too Early to Impeach?                                                02-15-17

       Is it too early to begin the impeachment processes?  Let us look at our new President.     Already, he has alienated the Chinese and our two nearest trading partners, Canada, and Mexico. Iran believes that Trump represents the “True Face of America.”  His immigration ban has been a slap in the face to many of our allies around the world. We have seen that Trump or at least his cabinet members have cozied up to Russia. (Trump knew of Flynn’s involvement with the Russian Ambassador three weeks before asking him to resign. Why the delay? Exactly where do Trump’s loyalties lie?)  Trump continues his sophomoric diatribes on Twitter against members of the judiciary and the media from his personal Twitter account and even used the Presidential Twitter account to call “unfair” Nordstrom’s actions against his daughter’s company (Um… conflict of interest???).  He continues to make unsubstantiated claims: widespread voter fraud: (He plans to spend vast amounts of our tax money to investigate this claim); blaming ‘fake news’ for many of his ills, (Wait, didn’t he work for the Fox network the originating home of fake news?);  Trump thinks the media is out to get him, (Hmm, well, if there is enough fecal matter sticking to the walls, hidden in corners, and swept under the carpet, who can fault the press for stating “Something stinks?” That is their job after all.)
      Mr. Trump seems to be tilting his lance at windmills.  (Muslim immigration is a danger to America, Mexicans are rapists and criminals, the NAFTA treaty is unfair to the US, Hispanic Judges are prejudicial against him.)  I’ve read more than one statement from senators that Trump is “Delusional, Narcissistic, Egotistical, and/or Mentally Ill.”  Trump’s staff members are an interesting lot too, willing to accept “Alternative Facts,” to substantiate their leader's viewpoints. Or maybe these spokespersons are intended to be straw men to be knocked down anytime things get out of hand.  Trump can always claim they spoke out of turn.       
      I don’t know what our congressional leaders are waiting for.  Surely they see all this from near enough to regularly catch whiffs of the stench.  So why are they sitting on their hands?  Does the leadership of the Republican Party still believe they can bring the man to heel?  Do they honestly think Trump will make this country better?  Maybe the leadership in the Grand Ole Party is just so relieved to finally have all the political clout they need to do what they want to “Make America Great Again” that they will put up with just about anything from the oval office. Or maybe they sit idle because they fear the overall effect of having another President from their side of the bench going down in disgrace (Remember Nixon?).   
     Look around you.  You see the protests?  You see the people standing up and speaking out?  You hear thier angry voices?  Are you reading the outrage in the nation’s papers; on the internet? Do you really believe this stuff will eventually go away on its own?  Trump woke something in America when he won the election. This is not fake news, or Alternative Facts, this is the American People telling you, they are not happy with what they see.  It is this author’s belief that the revulsion and protests against Trump have barely begun.   
      Trump acts as though he believes himself in total power.  Does he picture himself as another Putin? Is that what he desires?  Our government is built much differently than Russia to stop one man from gaining all the power.  But do you see that Trump is genuinely surprised and even angry when the rest of the country doesn’t simply bow to his wishes? Do you see how outraged he became when the courts, upholding their part of the governmental arrangement, defied him? Maybe he doesn’t believe himself to be the Almighty, but he certainly thinks and acts like he has more power than the laws provide. 
       His office is equal in power to that of Congress and the Supreme Court.  That design was intentional and stands as the basis for our system of checks and balances. If you, the Republican Party want to make a public statement, you currently hold the reins of Congress firmly in your hands, you can act. If you want to keep a grip on those reins, show us they belong there.  Do the right thing, and get Trump out of the oval office before he brings irreparable harm crashing down on America.  While Mike Pence would not be my first choice to replace Trump, and I may differ significantly from his ideology, at least Pence appears to understand and respect the law, the role, and operation of government, as well as the meaning of the Constitution.
      The issues with Trump go well beyond politics.  His actions in the past and even recently show a healthy disdain for the law.  He shows zero respect for legal process or the people who have been appointed to their offices by previous Presidents and ratified by Congress to administer the law.  
      It is time for Congress to act in the best interests of this country and show the world that we are willing to admit our mistakes and correct them.  Demonstrate to the world that the United States government is indeed based on a system of laws. Show them that no man, including the President, is above those laws, and that our system of checks and balances still functions.  That is the strongest statement you can make today and would demonstrate the internal strength of this country better than anything else you can do.
      It is time to remove this man from office and distance ourselves from his twisted view of the world.  Let us continue to be the example of how to self-govern, and how to maintain a culture ‘of the people, for the people, and by the people.’ Let us show the world that greed, self-aggrandizement, bigotry, sexism, and intolerance, all hallmarks of Donald Trump, does not represent who ‘we the people’ of the United States are.     
       It is true no President has ever been removed from office.  That does not mean it must not happen. The United States Congress must step up and do the hard thing.  It must step up and wipe the slate clean.  Begin the process to end this man’s term before it is too late.  Would Trump have the humility to resign as Nixon did when faced with the realization he would otherwise be removed?  I doubt it.  I believe Trump will only leave office kicking and screaming about how unfair the decision was, about how everyone is out to get him.  Let him.  Let him scream to the heavens about unfairness, but let him do it a safe distance from the position of power.